A healthy home, a better life

We’re always trying to improve our health whether it’s regularly visiting our health professionals, ensuring we get enough sleep and exercise, or watching what we eat. The goal is to live the best life, in the best health, that we can. Unfortunately, we don’t often give a second thought to the products and materials that are used in the renovation and construction of our homes, and how they affect our health. Many times we equate green building products as healthy but regrettably this is a misconception. Although a green product might be sustainable and good for our planet, it does not mean that it’s automatically good for our health. Many harsh chemicals and substances used in residential construction – and in many green products - have a poor effect on your health, and you may not realize they’re in the air around you.

Given these realities, Empire was motivated to develop The Empire Healthy Home Standard. Our mission includes finding ways to improve or surpass standard industry building practices —and improve the health and wellness attributes of a home. Our healthy home standard aims to change home building with a new focus: how can your home support your long-term health. We are continually researching and auditing the market to find products that reduce or eliminate many of the harmful elements used in residential construction. The outcome? Your home will be thoughtfully and intelligently developed with The Healthy Home Standard.

Some of the ways we'll make your home healthier

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Using improved ventilation and/or HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) systems to improve air quality


Using surfaces that absorb and neutralize toxins or don’t off gas


Use of formaldehyde-free materials and healthier adhesives


Materials are always changing and improving, and so will our standard


An absolute commitment to using the best building practices to ensure the quality and longevity of your home