Products & Brands

Empire Custom Homes, and its sister company, Empire Kitchen and Bath, is Calgary’s best source for product breadth and quality assurance. The Empire Group has established numerous designations with the brands listed here including Certified Installer and Authorized Dealer status. Together with the company’s BuiltGreen and Alberta New Home Warranty programs, Empire clients can be assured that products in their home are properly specified and all warranties are recognized.

Many homeowners get caught by products and warranties that are not honored by manufacturers. Either products were installed incorrectly; products were not specified properly for the conditions; or product was installed by uncertified dealers or builders. The headaches and cost can be significant for homeowners. Trust your project to a team with the expertise to fully understand a product’s design details, specifications, performance standards and installation realities. Empire is that team and our product group, together with our knowledge, will produce results for your project.